Paul Arthur Osaroejii

Freelance Songwriter & Fiction Writer

Location:Dallas, Texas, United States
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Alpine Swift, the pseudonym for Nigerian-born Paul Arthur Osaroejii, has started gaining online popularity, though none of the writer's novels has been published. This is an irony in an industry where an author ought to have published series of books, or sold countless copies, before his or her name becomes popular. However, this 29 years old writer and lyricist has carved a notch for himself as a brand name that keeps the audience waiting. His style of writing promises to earn him a huge audience, both critics and fans alike. Then, when it comes to his style of music, those songs are better listened to, than talked about. His creative Soul music comes with a fusion of Afro-rhythm, mashed with a rare voice that reminds of the late Afro-beats originator, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, who, as Alpine Swift puts it, is one of his major sources of inspiration - Alpine Swift's boldness showcases his fearless disposition and presents him as a social activist. His writings and songs transcend the realms of love, charity, and courage, and fling open a new civilization - that in which people must live for others rather than for self, he believes in equality and advocates for women's rights and child protection. He has written 7 novels, and over 62 songs, and has not released any; he says, "The world is waiting for me." Trained in the Catholic seminary, he opted out from the priestly vocation, as he was rather occupied with the thought of being a social activist with music and writing than becoming a priest as his parents wanted him to, though his family was disappointed, he always said "my voice will be louder from the studio than from the pulpit." Moreover, the reason he gave everyone for leaving the seminary was, "equanimity in the face of misrule is false prudence." He perceived the seminary and priesthood as an entirely alienated world totally blind to the sufferings and misery in the secular world - so for him it was an question of going into the world to effect change.
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