Seann Cram

Freelance Photographer & Journalistic Photographer

Location:Sacramento/Bay Area, California, United States
Phone: 3144975167
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My name is Seann Patrick Cram and I was born a photographer. My interest in making photos goes back as far as I can remember, trying to get my Mom to let me hold her Canon AE1. I started shooting film when I was 14, learning darkroom basics and camera operations from other students.

In 2005 I got my first DSLR which opened up so many opportunities for shooting and learning. Communicating the beauty of Nature has always been my main photographic goal. I grew up in Vermont playing, and shooting in the forest. I wanted to share this experience with my family member is large cities like Chicago, St. Louis and Orlando.

More then just show them pretty pictures, I wanted to capture the story of the forest, of each tree, each leaf. I approach everything I shoot from a photojournalist mindset. I want to share the experience, the emotion of the moment by capturing the right image. I have traveled a lot my whole life, which is expressed in my work. Anywhere I go now I have a camera over my shoulder, ready for what next captures my eye.