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Location:Los Angeles, California, United States
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Aside from life experience, nothing moves us more than a good story.

Audi/Volkswagen, Design Center California
Worked with a team of Automotive Designers to develop concepts for clients within VW Group. Observed and compiled data on company practices. Wrote complete efficiency report & presented findings with proposed solutions to company directors.

Ahmadshahi & Associates
Leveraged law firm’s strong roots in engineering to create marketing strategies targeting engineers in need of legal representation for the protection of their intellectual property.

Reliance Wealth Advisors, LLC
Re-identified company's brand. Created print and digital marketing materials to reflect company image. Streamlined company business practices through customized reports.

The Ballroom Way
Created & developed a new way of teaching leadership, team building & communications skills using essential ballroom dance techniques for private & corporate clients.
Wrote instructional book based on this concept.

Canon USA, Inc.
Collaborated with a team of sales trainers to create training materials for new products. Materials included training presentations, videos, comparison documents & charts.

The 13th Planet (Novel)
A Guardian sent to Earth to ensure its awakening uncovers an underlying conspiracy to
destroy it. Forced to choose between her own kind or saving a doomed planet, she teams up
with a native whose unwillingness to accept his role as the key could cost them everything.

Victoria (Novella)
As they shed layers of long-standing resentment & uncover family secrets, the son of circus performers & an heiress with a mysterious illness overcome their differences & help
each other break through the restraints of their family histories.

Living The Ballroom Way – A Guide to a Happier Life & Healthier Relationships
Ballroom dance techniques provide important lessons in life and business.

Short Stories, Poems, Articles, Essays

Toastmasters International for Speech Writing
Scholarship Winner, CAA Foundation
Ebell 1st Prize for Creative Writing

Fluent in English, Farsi & German.

The ability to think creatively, develop ideas & articulate complex concepts. Collaborate with various departments within an organization while meeting deadlines. Develop & solidify concepts through brainstorming, storyboarding, outlines & lists.
Advanced skills in technical & instructional writing.

Microsoft Office, PowerPoint, Outlook, Adobe Suites (Illustrator, Photoshop,
InDesign, Dreamweaver), Final Cut Pro, Acrobat Pro & iWork.

University of California, Irvine - 2002
Bachelor of Art, Studio Arts

Art, Design, Literature, Cinema, Animation, Dance, Wellness,
Technology, Science & Innovation.
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Creative Writing
Content Writing