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Behrang Doosti

Freelance Drawer & Illustrator

Location:Toronto, Ontario, Canada
2 Skills

More than one year experience as a freelance photographer.
Excel and superb imagination abilities in creation of visual work.
Strong abilities to create new ideas in order to draw the public attention.
Direct supervision of the job in order to meet the deadline and costumer satisfaction.
excellent visual art skills in diffrent media such as crayon,pastel,watercolor & oil paint.
Keen to strengthen and develop my skills through working with a group of Photographers.

Work experience

Freelance (Wedding photography and retouching Jul 2002- Dec 2009)
Taking photos in different environments and lights.
Restoring and retouching the old photos and changing the colors.
Working with different communities also challenging to reflect
culture and personalities in the photos by choosing right lighting and composition.

Orchid Design (Graphic Designer May 2000- June 2002)
Consulted with clients to establish overall look, graphic elements and content of communications
materials in order to meet their needs.
Develop the graphic elements that meet clients’ objectives.
Determined medium best suited to produce desired visual effect and the most appropriate vehicle
for communication.

Squeeze Agency (Graphic designer & photo retoucher June 1999-May 2000)
Prepared sketches,layouts and graphic elements of the object to render using traditional
tools,multimedia software and image processing,layout and design software
Consult with clients to determine the nature and content of illustration and photos in order
to meet their communication needs.
Estimate cost of materials and time to compete the final product.


Gorge Brown College (digital publishing certificate 2010)
Degital Publishing Certificate 2010 Learnt several computer aides design software such as:
PhotoShop CS4, CorelDraw 12, Freehand, adobe Illustrator CS4,Adobe inDesignCS4
Gained hands on experience in the course of several design projects

Central Technical School (Special Art Program Sep. 1996-June 2000 )
Received high marks in the visual art courses, an area of special personal interest
Participated actively in setting up and organizing several art exhibitions.
Assisted other students with the operation of computer aided design software.
Designed several posters and concert tickets with a group of classmates.

Scott WilliamsAward (June 1999)
Central Technical School
Award presented for the outstanding achievement in illustration

Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition (Painting and drawing August 2002)
Painting exhibition (Gallery 401 June 2002)
Painting exhibition Gallery 401 June 2002
Showed the best collection of oil paintings and photograph with the subject of landscape and
still life Received high appraisal for the works by the critics and ordinary viewers
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