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Freelance Animal Illustrator & Artist

Location:saginaw, Michigan, United States
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I'm 20. I'm half Italian half Irish and I've been drawing since i was 5yrs old. I've done, had exposure in, or currently work with charcoal, watercolors, colored pencils, sharpie, paint, hot glue guns and more. I do alot of tattoo designs, dream catchers, sketches, and drawings; however, I'm also good at creative writing and nature photography. I've been published twice and have been paid for my photos. In high school I was taking college classes and Advanced Placement classes in American English and American Literature. I was taught how to write in many styles both non fiction and fiction as well as the types of literature. I can read and gather meaning from any peice. I write poetry and essays for my own amusement as well as for others. I have awards for my writtings as well as for my drawings. I have a website for my tattoo designs in which I get roughly 1200 hits per day on. I use simple editing as well as GIMP for photo editing, if any is needed, and I was taught how to edit in my online digital photography class I took in high school.
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Animal Illustration