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Location:New Haven, Connecticut, United States
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Hi, My name is Davon Alston. I'm the Owner and one of the photographers here to work with you at Tru Saga Photos. Since I was a young kid growing up in Connecticut, I enjoyed taking pictures of different things, people and events. I guess it's safe to say I never lost the love of capturing the beauty in everyday life and I try to show it in my work. So what started as a hobby when I was a kid has turned ito something way bigger than I ever thought it would. The passion that I have for the work I do is evident when we sit and talk creatively. I don't just want to take your picture, I want to create outstanding memories that you will have to cherish for years.
From fashion photography to football games... weddings to retirement parties...there isn't an event we won't cover. Priced fairly and competetive, I'm positive your first experience with us will not be your last, and it will make you want to come back, plus tell your friends and family about your experience and great customer service we have here. Our goal is to satisfy you, and make sure your moments are captured!
With our different packages, we are sure to have something to fit your budget and make sure you get what you want .We also offer customized packages, so we can create exactly what you want with no hassle. What is it that you need for your next event? We can customize t-shirts,sweat shirts,hats,car magnets,pens,yard signs... and the list goes on. From high resolution photographs, to high definition videos, we make sure everything is edited and tweeked to your satisfaction.
Someone asked me to define Tru Saga Photos, and I simply explained that the word Tru is short for truth...and a Saga means a story. So that is exactly what we bring in our work...true stories!! So i hope you give us a chance to capture your story. Take a moment to browse around our site snd see for yourself.
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