Jose Moyano

Freelance Audio Editor & Audio Producer

Location:Maspeth, New York, United States
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Professional Profile

Music Producer ? Owner Cronocromo Studios ? Recording Engineer

Own and operate private studio, Cronocromo Studios, in Buenos Aires Argentina. Over 15 years leadership and recording experience in highly competitive markets. Expertise in international markets, both studio and live recordings. Passionate leader with a strong ability to relate to artist and clients securing customer satisfaction and loyalty while forging valuable relationships with clientele.

Education & Professional Development

Bachelor Degree in Audio Vision 2004 – 2011 University of Lanus Argentina
Bachelor Degree in Sound Orientation 2004 – 2011 University of Lanus Argentina
Music Therapy 1997-1999 University of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Graduated Chemical Technician 1986-1990 E.N.E.T. No 1 Engineer M.N. Savio, San Nicolas, Argentina

Professional Experience

Crono Cromo Studios 2003 to Present
Producer, Recording Engineer, Mixing, Studio and Live Sound.
Since 2003 owned and operated private studio. Personally record, mix and master audio for various projects. This work includes the recording of full record production for different artists of various musical genres including Argentina Folklore music for Fogon Music record label. Recording on average 12 records a year, including work for the following record labels, Sony, Epsa Music, Capear and Metronomo, as well as others.
Musical direction includes ability to coordinate and contract a variety of musicians necessary for the optimum musical project. Skilled in achieving the artist’s highest performance by gaining their trust and raising their comfort level so they can provide the full spectrum of their artistic ability. Personally manage all cost negotiations and company finance and billing.

Studio Work 2009 to Present
Recording Engineer/Producer
Personally contracted by Fogon Music record label to record two records in Casa de la Musica Studios in Villa Mercedes, San Luis, Argentina. Contracted to record dozens of live shows, including recording and post production mixing as well as editing in DVD format. Freelance work including recording, producing and mixing for well known studios in Buenos Aires Argentina such as El Pie and Circo Beat. Recording and editing of voice overs for commercials.

Musical Experience – Live and Studio
Skilled guitar and bass player (read/write/play) as well as keyboard/piano knowledge.

ProTools Professor 2011 -2012 University of Lanus Argentina

Technical Skills

Musical Software Applications: Proficient Level: Avid Pro Tools, Steingberg Nuendo, Cubase, Sony Sound Forge, Har-Bal; other music software: Steinberg Wavelab, Sony Vegas, Adobe Premier,
Software Applications: MS Office, Mac, Microsoft Word English/Spanish, Excel
Languages: English and Spanish
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Audio Editing
Audio Production