Adam Johnston

Freelance Comic Artist & Illustrator

Location:Fairborn, Ohio, United States
2 Skills
Objective To continue a career in the visual arts by producing thought inspiring, visually complex and impressive works of art
Shows 2004-2008 The Ohio State University Columbus, OH
Winter 2005 Student Undergraduate Show
Fall 2005 Student Tech Show
Spring 2008 Student Graduate Show
Education 2004-2008 The Ohio State University Columbus, OH
Accepted into Bachelor of Arts Program
Accepted into Bachelor of Fine Arts Program Drawing and Painting
Experience Advanced use of technical aspects of drawing and painting including
Proficient with the Adobe Creative Suite CS5 software in windows and Mac using a Wacom graphics tablet
Rendering of Perspective in both urban and natural spaces
Use of Color to highlight and improve imagery and complement subject
Representation of still life’s using realistic rendering as well as abstraction or gesture
Portraiture and representation of the human form using both designo and colorito methods
Visual balance
Knowledge of graphic novels and the art of storytelling in mainstream media.
Production of comic based work within a fine art context to convey emotion and imply story.
Advanced knowledge of Carpentry and use of Wood Shop tools and machinery including
Ban Saw, Power Saw, Angle Grinder, Panel Saw, Power Sander
Knowledge of Sculpture and using wire and wood as prime materials in making forms
4 Years experience in customer service and meeting industry goals at:
FedEx, Olive Garden, Smokey Bones Bar and Fire Grill
Skills (2) Rating
Comic Art