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Travis Hinkle

Freelance Illustrator, Digital Artist, & More

Location:Nashville, Tennessee, United States
12 Skills
I have been drawing since I could hold a pencil. I grew up influenced by everything from Disney to Robotech and Transformers and comics from Marvel and the original TMNT graphic novels.
Although I didn't end up majoring in Art, I took many courses in art, art history, graphic design and photography. A love for all visual mediums flows through me.

My process is varied but usually starts with pencil sketching by hand until I nail down the idea or look I want to convey. Then I either ink by hand or go straight into Photoshop to ink digitally, followed by coloring. I also use Manga Studio EX4 for a lot of my comic and graphic design work.

I follow instruction well, have a vivid imagination and I love to collaborate with other creatives to tell a story that people will want to experience.