Justin Berry

Freelance Blog Writer & Fiction Writer

Location:Florida, United States
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I write for OMGmode Software as a game guide writer. each guide on average is around 15,000+ words. I write half a guide each day which is about 7,500+ words per day. When I have extra time I am able to write a full guide a day.

I also used to write for Gamersector.com for free as an intern along with Foreverdope.com as a columnist. During my spare time I work on my two Novels and Manga. I am also converting some machinima scripts into stories so the scripts do not have to rely on the game they were written for.

I would like to try my hand at some fictional writing considering my novels and manga are sci-fi fiction oriented. Writing guides and articles gives me creative restraints and I would really like to let loose some more of my creativity even if I am working under guidelines.
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Blog Writing
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