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Matthew Meadows

Freelance Graphic Designer & Windows Programmer

Location:Seattle, Washington, United States
Phone: 4257709136
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I’m a former Microsoft Software Engineer, with multiple tours on the Redmond campus with Microsoft Research, Bing Maps and Windows Vista. I worked on the core development team at, contributing to their predictive analysis and data visualization tools, and worked as an independant contractor at Amazon. Currently employed at Koverse, contributing the UI and building on my work as a technology mash-up artist with a penchant for applied statistics.

I’m also a writer, musician and graphic artist with a significant web presence. I’m a retired ballet dancer (Houston Ballet, Cincinnati Ballet, Ballet Austin) and Seattle-area top-10 independent metal guitarist, the voice of Simeon in the animated opera Liberteria, and host of the weekly internet radio show Rango Unmuzzled. I also enjoy combining graphical collateral with my programming and musical interests to create deeply textured composites, animated stills, and extremely complex music videos with running narratives that cross from Facebook over to YouTube and back again. As of September 2013, a selection of my images were on display in New York City at the See.Me Exhibition gallery. My radio internet shows are currently reaching 10,000 listeners each month on the podcasts with no upper bound.

After nearly two decades of programming and a three year output of mash-up artwork spanning ~5000 images, 40 songs and videos, and 64 radio shows, I enjoy work that allows me to leverage the breadth of my talents and contribute comprehensively to projects in order to help drive them to success, whether it’s application design and implementation, analysis and reporting, graphic design and collateral, or multimedia content development. For more information about my music, video and graphic arts content, as well as samples of my writing, music, and imagery, please refer to one of the following websites, or contact me directly for high resolution images, videos, or audio files.





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