Lee Chavez

Freelance Jingle Producer & Music Composer

Location:Lago Vista, Texas, United States
Phone: 972-363-6716
Website: http://www.LeeChavez.com
2 Skills
Hi! My name's Lee Chavez, I'm a jingle writer and guitarist.

I do many different things outside of jingles. Including:


Score Composition

Song Writing

and Session Work.

Whereas song writing and voice-overs demand a more traditional field of creativity, everything else is unique to how I would do it for myself.

There's a lack of traditional percussion and instruments in how I approach jingles, song writing, and especially score composition.

I look for the nontraditional, the unique. And I find it, use it, and deliver it to the customer who says "Oh my goodness, I think I've died and been reborn after listening to this. This is amazing!". There's a bit more praising of the work thrown in there, but I know your a busy person and don't have the time.

Anyway, if you want unique, I'm your guy.

Brand recognition for a business (with a jingle) is JUST as important as a unique score to a video game series, movie, web series, television show, etc.

When you here the Star Wars theme song, you immediately recognize it. And you may not even be a fan of the series! But you still remember it. Just like you may not be thinking about insurance, but the second you hear "Wow, Tim's a great friend. He's like a good neighbor", what do you think of?


Contact me when you're ready to get work started, and we'll discuss getting something amazing for your project or business!

The work wont stop until your satisfied.