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Sal Anello

Freelance Caricature Artist & Digital Artist

Location:Youngstown, New York, United States
Phone: 716-531-5678
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Since 1992 I've been entertaining at a variety of events; from quaint birthdays to corporate holiday partys. My Party Caricatures are always a hit! Your guests will gather around, talk, and laugh as I comically render them in a favorite sport, hobby, or leisure activity!

I really enjoy entertaining at partys with my caricatures, but as an artist, my head is always spinning with new ideas and things I'd like to try. Along the way I've gotten pretty good at a few things too.

In 2010 I stumbled onto a new way to draw, digitally, bought the basic equipment, and quickly applied my years of experience to create some of the digital caricatures you will see here in my portfolio.

I've been an Art Teacher since 2004, but have been freelancing my Art for as long as I can remember.

I started Airbrushing professionally in 1990 and have painted thousands of T-shirts since then! Dozens of people have asked me if I do tattoos, because the Airbrush looks similar. I always answered "No," but recently bought the equipment to see how it works. We'll see where that goes.

In 1986 I began practicing Special Effects/Halloween makeup as a freshman in HighSchool. Today, I sculpt and create full head latex masks for fun, but have made and sold copies.

I don't want to try and sell you on anything I do, I want you to choose me, because you like what I have to offer. I work to the best of my ability and then some, trying to improve on technique and explore new styles. I don't allow myself to do "so-so" work and would never try to pass anything off just to make a few dollars; my name and the quality I attach to my name is far more valuable than any monetary amount.
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