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Monica Lorica

Freelance SEO Freelancer & Article Writer

Location:Ligao, Albay, Philippines
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Monica Corral-Lorica

8-4 Lapu-Lapu St. Legazpi City, 4500 Philippines
Mobile No. +639081568767

Career Objective

To obtain comprehensive work experience, enhance myself professionally and utilize my knowledge and skills in a competitive industry.

Core Competencies

• Advanced computer knowledge and experience (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Photoshop, SAP, DEKHO, AUTOCAD);

• With administrative work experience;
• With online marketing and management work experience;
• With English teaching work experience;
• With Customer service work experience;
• With Sales work experience.

• Research oriented;
• Competitive skill in both oral and written communication;
• Can work with minimal supervision;
• Can work long hours to accomplish the tasks required by a superior; and

• Can establish harmonious working relationship with colleagues.

Special Skills and Qualifications

• Graduated Magna *** Laude;
• International Certificate on AUTOCAD;

• Licensed Professional English Teacher;
• Degree in Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English;
• SAP Knowledge and Experience;
• Civil Service Eligible (By Virtue of PD907) For Honour Graduates;
• Government Scholar; and
• With relevant units in Master of Education Major in English.

Summary of Work Experiences

• Administrative

- LinkWater Alliance

Creek St., Springhill, QLD, Australia
(Asset Management Administrator)

- Leighton Contractors Milton, QLD, Australia
(Document Management Assistant)
- Oceana Mining, Ltd.

Ardoyne Rd, Corinda, QLD, Australia
(Administration Manager)

- Lafayette Mining RRMI Rapu-Rapu, Philippines

• Web Marketing Management

- RingJohn, Ltd. Dublin, Ireland
(Web Marketing Administrator & Asia Team Supervisor)

- nPresence, Ltd Dublin, Ireland
(Search Engine Optimisation Specialist)

• Teaching

- Aquinas University of Legazpi Legazpi City, Philippines
(English Professor)

- STI College

Legazpi City, Philippines
(English Professor)

• Customer Service

- Smart Communications, Inc Legazpi City, Philippines
(Customer Care Officer)

• Sales and Marketing

- Smart Communications, Inc. Legazpi City, Philippines
(Sales And Administrative Assistant)

Detailed Work Experiences

RingJohn, Ltd

Dublin, Ireland
Position: Web Marketing Administrator/Search Engine Optimiser
April 2008 – present

Company Overview: RingJohn, Ltd. is a web marketing company with offices in Ireland, UK, and US.

Job Description:

- Supervise Asia based team;

- In-depth website analysis;

- Online journalism;

- Research on website’s needs;

- Article/Pay Per Click marketing;

- Search Engine Optimisation; and

- Search engine marketing.

LinkWater Alliance

200 Creek St. Springhill, QLD, Australia Position: Asset Management Administrator October 30, 2008 to June 12, 2009

Company Overview: LinkWater is Queensland’s Bulk Water Transport Authority. Linkwater Alliance involves Transfield Services, a global provider of operations, maintenance and asset and project management services.

Job Description:

- SAP Operation;

- Analyse and create SAP reports;

- Analyse schematic drawings;

- Pick up equipments from drawings and transfer them to spreadsheets;

- Capture equipments from GIS data and transfer them to Asset management program;

- Create and check equipment uploads in SAP;

- Checks purchase orders in SAP;

- Working closely with asset maintenance coordinator and network management coordinator in creating work orders and maintenance plans using SAP;
- Create work orders and notifications in SAP; and

- Assist in creating a sub-contractor list.

Leighton Contractors

Milton, QLD, Australia

Position: Document Control

October 2008

Company Overview: Leighton Contractors is Australia’s largest project development and contracting group.

Job Description:

- Migrates all documents from local drives and networks to INCITE, a document control program.

nPresence, Ltd.

Dublin, Ireland
Position: Web Marketing Supervisor
February 2006 – March 2008

Company Overview: nPresence is an Ireland based web marketing company specialising in Search Engine Optimisation and Online Advertising.

Job Description:

- Run a small team for Asia based office;
- Performs free website analysis for clients;

- Devise strategies for higher ROI or Return On Investment;

- Email marketing;

- Performs pay per click advertising set up and management for clients;

- Communicates with clients about updates on projects; and

- Sends reports on a weekly basis.

Oceana Mining, Ltd

Position: Administration Manager

Company Overview: Oceana Mining is a mining engineering and mine management consulting service in Australia with clients throughout Australia and SE Asia.

Job Description:

- Manages client details and contacts;

- Gathering, adapting, filing and distributing information within the company; and

- Assists principal mining consultant and office director.

Rapu-Rapu Minerals, Inc.

Lafayette Mining Unlimited – Philippines

Position: Mining Administration Officer

December 2005 – January 2006

Company Overview: RRMI is an Australian based mining company operating in the Philippines.

Job Description:

- Administer reports;

- Escalates concerns of the department to Mining Manager; and

- Assists in the daily site inspection.

Smart Communications, Inc.

Legazpi City, Philippines
Position: Sales Administrator
August 2004 – August 30, 2005

Company Overview: Smart Communications, Inc. is the leading telecommunications company in the Philippines.

Job Description:

- Manages customers’ inquiries;

- Sales and cashier work;
- Handles cash collection and remits the same for deposit;

- Do stocks inventory at the end of the day;

- Encodes all Sales and Customer Management Officer’s transactions; and

- Accomplish end of day reports.

Smart Communications, Inc.

Legazpi City, Philippines

Position: Customer Care Officer

July 14, 2003- July 30, 2004

Job Description:

- Manages customers’ inquiries and resolves issues;

- Processes After Sales mobile requests;

- Responsible for the wireless centre's inter and intra-communication, end of day and monthly reports, and presentations; and

- Assists in Pre-validation of Mobile Postpaid applications.

Aquinas University of Legazpi-College of Arts and Sciences

Legazpi City, Philippines
Position: English Instructor
October 2001- September 2002

Company Overview: Aquinas University is one of the highly regarded universities in the Bicol region, Philippines.

Job Description:

- Handles classes from 1st year to 4th year - Tertiary Level; and

- Teaches English Grammar, Debate and Public Speaking, Literature (World, Philippine and American), Speech I to IV.

- Organise events and school activities.

Systems Technology Institute

Legazpi City, Philippines
Position: English Instructor
June 2001-March 2003

Company Overview: STI College is a national computer oriented school in the Philippines.

Job Description:

- Handles classes in Speech, Communication Arts, and English Grammar;

- Campus Journalism Adviser; and

- Leads extracurricular activities.

Educational Background

Elementary (1987-1993)

Ibalon Elementary School


Saint Raphael Academy ( 1993-1995)

Aquinas University of Legazpi ( 1995-1997)
With Academic Distinction

Tertiary (1997-2001)

Aquinas University of Legazpi - College of Education
Degree: Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English
Magna *** Laude (2nd highest university honour)

Masters Of Education (2001-2002)

Aquinas University of Legazpi – Graduate School

Masters of Education Major in English - With Units Earned

Personal Vitae

Date of Birth: October 14, 1981

Place of Birth: Rapu-Rapu, Albay
Religion: Christian
Citizenship: Filipino
Status: Married

Work and Character References

Donal Byrne
nPresence, Ltd.
Dublin, Ireland

Chris Scharf

Network Maintenance Coordinator LinkWater Alliance

200 Creek St., Brisbane, QLD
Ph. +61 7 3270 4060/ Mob +61437 700 243/ Email:

I hereby certify to the veracity and truthfulness of all information contained in this comprehensive resume.

Monica Corral - Lorica
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