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Krisia Marila

Freelance Book Designer, Book Cover Designer, & More

Location:San Juan, Puerto Rico
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I have been interested in art from an early age. I graduated from the School of Fine Arts in San Juan PR. (Escuela de Artes Plásticas de San Juan P.R.). I currently spend most of my time going on guided tours of the forests for inspiration.

On starting college I became interested in digital design. I have been in several group exhibitions with other emerging artists from Puerto Rico. Due to my multi-disciplinary training, I am able to work in various fields: from book arts to design.

My most recent project is a book: Birding through Puerto Rico (Pajareando por Puerto Rico). I used traditional printmaking techniques, such as xerography to illustrate and share my experience of birdwatching in my country.

At the moment I am doing a lot of birdwatching and I also volunteer with the Environmental Center Santa Ana (Bayamón, PR). I also work full time as a graphic designer.

Contact Details: Krisia M. Ayala Ortiz
Graphic Designer and Illustrator