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Said "Working on gaining a technical writing qualification."
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This is a short excerpt from a longer work called "Reverberations in the Black." It is set upon a small tramp freighter ship, moving goods between planets.
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They dance. They laugh. But is there music or a beat that is deeper than any drum?
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About Me:
I am a stagehand and part time writer, with a fine appreciation for artistic and creative endeavours. I write just about constantly - blogs, personal writing, creative writing, fiction and scripts. I can research just about anything quickly and efficiently and impart that information clearly.

I see stories wherever I look in the world, so many tales waiting to be unfolded and told. I am part of the Red Phone Box ( found here: ) and have recently had the honour of having one of my short stories accepted for a new Anthology called As Above, So Below.
British Columbia, Canada