Everton Richards

Freelance 3D Graphic Designer & Sci Fi Artist


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3D Graphic Design
Sci Fi Art
About Me:
I am seasoned professional Conceptual designer and 2D/3D Artist by trade
and I have also studied Architecture for three years but I eventually
carved out a profession in the Computer games Industry

I have worked in the game industry for more than fifteen Years where I have
I have worked on 6 AAA game titles ranging from the Unreal Tournament Series of games
FPS, strategy games and hand held games
cumulatively have more than 25 Years as a professional Computer Graphic artist
where I have developed my skill as a 3D Artist,
from building high poly models, UV mapping, animations, quality control
digital editing, Architectural Visualization, Environmental design, Conceptual design
and Senor management.

Currently I have been developing my own 3D game using the Unity 3D game...
Toronto, Ontario, Canada