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The Diligence glided silently through the eternity that is space, its two escort destroyers following closely in its wake. Elijah Dresden blinked once, and breathed in deeply, manipulating the hologram that displayed the sensor data Elijah could barely detect the heat sources from the powerful fusion driven engines of his chosen targets. Using the limited sensor data, Elijah searched through the database for a match, only a single vessel appeared, the CCS Farragut, the Confederation’s newest and possibly most powerful battle cruiser in their fleet, the Diligence would have some difficulty in combating that specific leviathan in a head to head battle, which was exactly why they were not going to engage it in that manner.
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I stared restlessly over the ruined cityscape of Pretoria; the years of war, poverty and famine had long ago erased any of the vestiges of its former glory. Most of the tall skyscrapers were little more the skeletal husks, anything useful long ago torn down and stripped away. A sudden double beep pulled my attention back to my cockpit, the holographic overlay that filled the cockpit with a ******* of information highlighted the closing targets for me. My Combat Intelligence spoke “Five targets approaching, older generation of DAGR, equipped with improvised close combat weapons. The targets match the description provided by the survivors, Sir.” My hands became fists around the controls of my own Dagger, “Signal the rest of the team Merlin, the ambush plan is unchanged.”
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Could the revolution in Egypt and the uprisings in Libya be the beginning of a new wave of democratisation in Africa?
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After the wondrous Soccer World Cup that we hosted here in our very own country, I have never felt so proud to be a South African. Yet, as the World Cup fades from memory it would appear so has our wonderful support for our sporting teams.
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About Me:
In 2005, I completed my IEB Matric Examinations with Exemption attaining an A mark in Afrikaans and History at Cornwall Hill College.

I attained my BA degree in Humanities, majoring in English Literature and History from the University of Stellenbosch in 2009. The English component focused specifically on the elements of Satire in South African Culture and the works and influence of JM Coetzee. Whilst in History the focus was on Twentieth Century History and how South Africa influenced and was influenced by the events of the last one hundred years.

I have completed my Honours Degree in History that has provided me with valuable skills in not only research but in the compilation and presentation of high quality documents for Academic publication. Along with this were numerous group...
Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa