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Erin Gannon Simms

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Erin Gannon Simms - Added portfolio item
Erin is a self taught pianist and keyboard player. She has provided a service for other songwriters by singing and producing their demos. Please visit to listen to "Being here with you" which was produced in its entirety by Erin. Also, - "Flatlining" was also produced by Erin.
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Erin Gannon Simms - Added portfolio item
UK born singer-songwriter Erin Gannon Simms’ road of determination has yielded a successful recording career that has seen a host of publishing deals, scores of radio play on stations across the world, co-writes with well-known hit writers. Born in Newport, South Wales, UK, Erin cites her Belfast-born father, who once played bass in a band alongside Van Morrison, as having a profound influence on her foray into music. While the ebullient Erin is known for her wacky, engaging sense of humor (which she thanks her Irish blood for), she is a sincere and responsible artist with a passion for helping others.
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About Me:

Singer - Songwriter - Musician - Recording Artist

for more varied selection of songs:


Various compositions published with:
Shed Publishing LTD (
MCS Music Limited (
Big World Publishing (
Blue Zoo Records
Silk and Denim (Nashville)

Writer for songs demoed by:
“Felicity” in South Africa for debut album
“Electrovamp” (signed to major label) (
“Sabryna Silver” (produced by Andreas Jensen?)
“D’Silver” (http://
“Beth Williams” (Blue Zoo Records)
“April Mestiya”...
United Kingdom