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This document is a compilation of a speech and presentation I did for Hy-Profile Promotional Products. After the initial consultation, my client and I decided that a full-on approach was best (speech, background slides and a handout, in addition to the products my client brought to hand out). I was given creative control over the project and had fun with things like advertising quotes and setting up a riddle for visitors to solve for a prize. I was unable to include the corresponding handout because, when attempting to convert to a format I could upload here, the sides kept getting cut off. If I find a way around this, I will add it then.
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Lisa R - Added portfolio item
These are two post cards I designed/wrote for my Advertising class. The objective was to choose a non-profit organization and aim each post card at a different target market, using a different model. I got a perfect score with this assignment. However, to include it in my portfolio, I omitted the program name, logo and contact information of the organization I chose because these pieces were school assignments and were not commissioned by them.
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Marketing’s an ever-changing playing field that requires the steady balance that comes with sticking to the basics as you adapt to the new. While a great strategy is important, there is no magic formula or number of “likes” that’s going to skyrocket you to ecommerce or Google utopia within a week. I’m not going to sell you that hype.

What I do offer is an innate understanding of what consumers want and how to reach them. Whether it’s through admin, customer service or marketing and advertising techniques, I will work with you to meet your company’s goals by helping to create a customer base to last the long haul.
Zanesville, Ohio, United States