Enrique Cruz

Freelance T-Shirt Designer & Mural Painter


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Enrique “SERO” Cruz

Like the 14th and 15th century masters before him many compare Enrique “SERO” Cruz as one of the most potent artist in modern days. Like the great masters in early history he was born with a natural talent and has dedicated his life into channeling and mastering his craft. “SERO” is recognized today as one of the most influential artist of its time.

With his natural ability to channel his talent “SERO” defines the term “Jack of all trades”. SERO work consists of secret inscriptive language, stories, puzzles and images that in tales a broader look into the artist imagination to all his pieces. SERO documents all of his work for future generations to see the indebt details of his imagination and to indicate the true meaning and codes location for...
Hollywood, Florida, United States