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This video was made for my school. It was a music video about two teams Green and Yellow going against each other. It was a GREAT video to edit. I believe this was definetly not my best because i only had about 10 hours to edit this PLUS there were very little video to work with. BUT, i still pulled it through and everyone loved it. It was actually presented in front of a huge crowd. We've gotten ALOT of great feedback. (we did not record)
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Wraiths Production is a Video Editing business. We are basically a youth group. Meaning we are all in our teens just trying to make money to afford things we really need. We're not JUST picking something like video editing, we ACTUALLY have skills in it. Also 2 years experience. We use mainly Premiere Elements and sometimes mac programs (which are as you know the best out).
We DO record but if a camera is supplied. It is not our BEST thing but we can definitely do it especially if we're editing, it sort of makes the producing job better and easier.
Brooklyn, New York, United States