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Said "Well, Tried this but just couldn't seem to make it work. Thanks. Bye."
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Said "Working on a number of small projects that seem unrelated in terms of what they are yet the message is the same. So a story about a mouse living in an apartment building might also be a commentary on the effect the breakdown of the family unit and loss of community living has had on individual development. Then, in looking at the big picture, we see people without a home, who have been marginalized and , well, Marty the Mouse makes sense because the building tha t he and his family live in is being torn down. Every mouse will lose everything and where will they go? I am looking for someone to represent me. I believe that is how the process works. I am new, my Mom died and so I have not built up my site as of yet. Writing helps me and it is a gift I can take no credit for yet have a responsibility to use. I just need an opportunity or two."
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Camping in Virginia with friends: A 5 am photo ...
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How embarassing is this site. Please forgive me but i am the only daughter, with four wonderful brothers, of a beautiful, loving, inspiring 81 year pld mom who died suddenly just a few weeks ago. I have never known such feelings of sadness and loss, I am not one to share such things but if it helped me by writing about it, then my Momma would wan
t me to do it.I am new to this place and to the people who are part of this community, Thanks for being here,
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Said "Cape Breton Island as one of National Geographic top ten places to see."
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Said "I am reviewing a potential research study for some scientists at U of Cal, Berkley on "Quantum Cosmology" who are interested in determining what was in existence before the Big Bang. I am also writing for a children's book series titled, "Bobbie, Our Pet Elephant""
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I have no idea how this site operates. I am supposed to have a rep, I think. I just want to write, and I didn't realize it is very complicated and I am so confused so good-bye and remember that every word matters.
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41 year old single woman currently living in Nova Scotia. Was providing care for my 81 year old Mom when she suddenly died.That was my initial reason for coming home, though home is Cape Breton Island. I have a degree from St. F.X. University, Antigonish, NS, a double major in Biology and Physics. Was involved in a variety of activities: yearbook, played guitar in a folk group, played sports, met a lot of people and made some close friends. Graduated, went to the University of Maine, completed two Masters, one in human development, the other in Physics, savewas given a graduate assistant position in Residence Life and was given a position managing a residence hall ... It was one of the best experiences of my life. I found an application for the Institute for Shipboard Education/University...
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada