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In my own way I like to think that the world is an open book and that's something I like to write about in my own way. I'm exploring new options and I feel that I have been an artist for a long time just haven't had the chance to express what I know and given my chance to open new windows to where no one has gone before
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Helen - 20 days ago
Edgar is a racist and calls our former first lady an ape online.
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My fascination with knowledge is extremely high. There's a reason to work jobs that will be enriching and fulfilling. It only adds to the number of things I can write about and work with. My purpose is to obtain a writing job where I can put my skills to the test. I'm willing to learn anything that will put me on the road to success. I am an hispanic 39 year old from Washington, DC who grew up liking to write about just anything but I especially like writing about those things that interest me the most.
Washington, United States