Earl Mcgibboney

Freelance Graphic Designer & T-Shirt Designer


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Graphic Design
T-Shirt Design
About Me:
Objective: Looking for a long-term "home" where I can contribute in any capacity I
am needed.

A. Seeking a position as a printer. I have experience on automatic and manual presses,
as well as numbering presses. Although I am a capable artist, I am first and
foremost a screenprinter. Throughout my career, I have always been willing
and able to step from production floor to art room, and back, as was needed
at any given time.

B. Seeking a position as Production Artist, doing design work or separating
designs for production. My experience is heavy in both production and
preproduction, with knowledge of Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop,
CorelDraw, Pulse by DG/ML, and many other graphics/layout software
packages. I am familiar with Mac and PC formats, and have output film...
Dallas, Texas, United States