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For all aspiring writers!
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Duane Lee - Added portfolio item
This is shameless advertising for my novel, "Life After Being Lost," that's due out this year. Here's the summary: Were it not for his rap songs, Catholic teen, Jeremiah Elks, would feel nothing. When he gets suspended from school for fighting, that changes. Unable to see his three-month-old daughter, Eden, and his girlfriend, Nicole Cantell, Jeremiah is forced to confront his inner and outer turmoil. As he and Nicole grow farther apart, not only is Jeremiah determined to win back his girlfriend, he also yearns to make peace with God, himself, and a past he can’t change. Life After Being Lost explores the complexities of loss, love and faith that will leave the reader contemplating one’s own existence.
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I decided to write "Beautiful Americana" because all too often I read articles about rebellious teenagers who get that way because of pop culture (i.e. rap music, violent video games etc.). It’s challenging, but fun, to dig into the ordinary American lifestyle and discover a nugget of truth. Beautiful Americana is a metaphor for the things we Americans take for granted, such as trust in one another.
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About Me:
Hello, the name is Duane! I am a novelist! No, I haven't been published by any major publishing house. I have, however, self-published two novels in which--in true OCD author fashion--I took off the market and immediately started to rewrite one of them. I have been writing for thirteen years. Currently, I decided to return to college to obtain an English degree. Nonetheless, I still continue to write in my personal life and I have plans to start my own publishing company. To check out some of my work, please feel free to stop by my community-based website dedicated to writers:
Springfield, Virginia, United States