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Kashan Admani - Added portfolio item
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Over 30 days ago -
Music Production portfolio item
Elisabeth Charbonneau - Over 30 days ago
I like your music, although I have no idea what you are singing about.
Kashan Admani - Over 30 days ago
Thanks Elisabeth.
I am a producer and I produce songs in English and Urdu both. You probably don't understand Urdu that's why you may find it strange. I will be uploading more songs soon. Hopefully you will like them as well.
Daniel Culp - Over 30 days ago
your production quality is great and your vocalists are very talented!
Kashan Admani - Over 30 days ago
Thanks Daniel
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About Me:
Dream Station is one of the finest music recording and production facility in Pakistan. With experienced and highly qualified engineers and high end digital recording equipment, you cant go wrong if you choose Dream Station as your recording studio. At Dream Station we have recorded and produced some of the leading artists of today. Dream Station also features in house songwriters, musicians, music producers, arrangers and voiceover artists to help you produce, perform and arrange your songs, jingles, radio spots etc. Leading music producer and musician Kashan Admani personally handles all music production work to ensure that our clients get the best results.
Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan