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Professional songwriter, singer, performer, with nearly 60 years experience writing original songs - lyrics and melodies. Has an in-house music publishing arm registered with S.O.C.A.N. affording numerous artists and composers with opportunities to expose their works to labels and performing artists. Production services include graphics design, CD and DVD mastering and duplication with a capacity of producing over 500 discs per hour. Can deliver a self-contained automated MP3 download software setup allowing unattended sales of downloads, instantly, with credit card payments deposited to a secure online account with daily transfer to your bank account. Become the independant label some major would love to pickup. Contact today at
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Audio Editing
Music Production
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Conference & Seminar speaker audio recording, CD manufacturing and distribution operation with successful online CD mailout and MP3 download website.

Location audio recording with reproduction capacity of over 500 CDs per hour labelled, boxed and delivered to customers within 15 minutes of completion of audio event. Fully integrated package in vinyl DVD case or zipper wallet

Professional audio recording engineer/producer, audio post-processor and editor with audio mastering skills.

Custom CD production from supplied original MP3 or WAV files.
Custom DVD duplication and production from supplied DVD masters.

Design and construction of custom broadcasting & recording studios

Setup and maintain E-Commerce site with unattended automatic download of intellectual property such as...
Central Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada