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In the pilot, the group realizes that the company has come into hard times profit-wise. And their prime investor, Eric Watts, has threatened to pull out if the company does not turn a profit by the end of the year. So in an effort to save Demonic Sanctuary Comics, Tony comes up with a plan to publish only ************ comic books to increase sales and profit. For a while the plan goes great until an all-female organization called, Filth Haters targets the company for its degrading and disrespectful material. To end the protests and bad press, Ron calls in a favor from his hitman uncle, Todd. Todd misinterprets what Ron wants him to do about the problem and kills key members of the group one-by-one.
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DJ Stephens - Added portfolio item
A young man goes vigilante to get vengeance for his undercover brother’s death by a New York mob faction, just as a career criminal and a homicidal ********** conspire to rob the faction’s boss. Two special agents for the military must go and retrieve a cyborg that has escaped from a military research facility in the Arizona desert.
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I like to write good, interesting high concept genres such as action, science-fiction, horror, fantasy, comedy and action/adventure. I am currently working on a screenplay, but I am very open to doing freelance work for anyone as long as the job and money are both real. And the employer is just as serious about good stories as I am. I think hard, work hard and write hard. I am dedicated.
Cincinnati, Ohio, United States