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Sample Two-minute Story for preschool to early elementary children
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Said "I'm working on a children's series of environmental ed. books about a variety of New England habitats through the year."
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About Me:
I've been hooked on writing since my kindergarten teacher stood me up on a chair to share my first book, titled Mud, with my classmates. Since then I have become an experienced elementary teacher and have enjoyed writing for children, teachers, and other adults. My written work includes co-authorship of the kindergarten Bible Program Teacher and Student Editions 2011 Association of Christian School International, study guides for the Burlington, VT Flynn Theatre's Student Matinee Program, and several skits which have been performed publicly, as well as a plethora of writing for coursework, including my thesis for an M.Ed.. I am eager to add to this resume.
South Burlington, Vermont, United States