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to create to explore the ends of the mind to make seen and heard tell stories of far away places and amazing inhumanly impossible things to make some one incapable of putting down the book till the story is complete then itching for the next book from romance to fanasy from science fiction to all walks of life my creative storys will have you on your toes take you to a place you didnt evn know exsisted
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Dizhanee Frazier - Added portfolio item
poetry is the heart communicating telling the truth and speaking volumes its the passion we feel and the images we see pulled into words if you open your eyes and see the paintings it makes open your ears and not just hear but listen to the voices your sure to undersatnd this thing called poetry
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I am an excellent writer who knows a good essay or piece wen I see one. I can turn any essay, poem, or piece in 2 a masterpiece. I can write a poem or storty that will speak to the hearts of millions. If i am hired I will help you to bring your story to life or create a story/poem that will inspire and spark your imagination. I can also help your report shine or sell any product to evn someone it doesnt apply to. Just give me a chance and I'm sure you will be impressed.
South Gate, California, United States