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I wrote this song at the end of my second year university. I had been living far from God for about a year, but gently He started bringing me back to himself, primarily through the example of my mother. Her example of faith while struggeling with multiple sclerosis made quite and impression on me. I was visiting my folks for the summer holiday and we had an amazing holiday home that was only two minutes walk from the beach. I still remember the book I read that holiday: If God already knows, why pray? One day I strolled down the dirt road that led to the beach. As I came around the bend the beach opened up before me and the sunset was a glorious array of colours. In that moment God touched me...
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I've been writing songs for the past seventeen years. The strange thing is that before I started I never thought I would be able to do it. Then I bought this really cool keyboard (an Yamaha SY85 - a classic!) and the rest, as they say, is history.

What I like about song writing is that each time you do it, it's different. Every time I write a great song I stand back and think to myself, wow, how did I just do that? My conclusion is that I am the instrument of a higher power and my gift is to channel that inspiration into the from of song.

I've written in many different genres: Pop, hip-hop, rap, ambient sounding etc. I write my own lyrics and I've also set a few poems and literary pieces to music. Exploring a different genre is always fresh, intimidating, challenging and...
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