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About Me:
I have worked for various gaming groups and a blogging website for writing I can write on a wide variety of subjects. I have a sample of my work right here.
Chapter one-scene one-cutscene
Game opens to a scene of a starry night sky
Scene lasts for five seconds then goes black
We hear a little mumbling that appears to be around five feet away
“He’s dying”
“If he had been here a few hours earlier, he’d be alright…”
“Should we just give it to him?”
“Why should we? It will only make him die a little slower, and there are others who still have a chance.”
Sky is shown again, character screams for two seconds then stops. Camera zooms out and shows a man lying on a field of dead grass with scars, cuts, bruises, spots, and blood all over his skin, wearing a whitewater suit that has been...
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