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Tommy stood at the top of the flight of stairs. To a five year old it looked like a mountain of brick and clay and a long way down! Tommy had black hair and dark brown eyes, small build. Across the fence someone called out to him. “Hey little boy, come here”. He didn’t know this African man calling him, but as curious as he was, he went over to see what the man wanted. “Do you want to play with me in the garden?” Tommy knew the garden across the fence of his home well, as he had been there a number of times, to play with his friend, Billy, who was the same age as Tommy. “Okay, but not for too long, my mom will be home soon, and I’ll get a hiding if I’m not at home when she gets back”. Tommy always had fun playing with Sam, his grandmother’s domestic worker. Sam used to push him around in the wheelbarrow and run with a speed, and damn, he could RUN!! This made Tommy squeal with laughter.
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About Me:
I'm an outgoing, open minded individual.
I communicate well with others.
I enjoy, socializing, reading and watching movies.
I am at most times a perfectionist.
I have a good eye for detail.
Roodepoort, Gauteng, South Africa