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Denise Barber - Updated status
Said "i am struggling with this freelance job finder.question ? do any of the people that put jobs up here ever respond back to those that apply to the job?"
Over 30 days ago -
Bernard Jackson - Over 30 days ago
I was wondering the same thing!
Aina Taurina - Over 30 days ago
I had one answer
Aina Taurina - Over 30 days ago
But I am not sure about this deal...I don't want to take a risk...I think, both sides are in doubt...
Aina Taurina - Over 30 days ago
I applied and sent a message too. This person answered and told me his idea, but I am not sure abour result. He wants to sell a product with my deasign, but I must paint it on and then send to him by post. If he will sell on eBay, OK. But if not, I'll loose sending money...or if he sell it for $10.00 or less, no money for me...
Aina Taurina - Over 30 days ago
I don't think that it is a scam. During my long life (60 years) I met many people and some of them vere thieves, stole my art and made good money. I feel them.
This person is not a thief. Only I am not sure that somebody will buy our product. :)
Take care Valerie!
Happy to meet you in Are you in some more sites? If you check my website, you can see where I try to sell my art. You can join.
Aina/Ambertale :}X
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HELLO i am new to the freelanced community. i am a blogger i have did a few blogs for helium, triond, and i enjoy blogging i am a very free spirited blogger what ever comes to mind. i always try to stay positive and i am willing to learn new things as well as challenge myself. and i also enjoy writing short stories.
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