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Said "Works in charcoal concerning Easter, since I am in Colorado Springs, at present, where there are a large number of non-profits and churches founded upon Christianity."
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About Me:
I am a narrative illustrator, medical illustrator, ceramicist, and fine artist at best and a graphics designer when not. Impressions that have influenced my work come from many environments, internal and external, including cities, wilderness, and meditation. Mine is a search for that universal image that resonates as if painted by a hand from above. Symbolism from the collective unconscious speaks through me once in a while, if I can step aside, making no stroke a waste, even if in practice. My mind's eye constantly takes "stills" and "video bits" of life around me and flow onto the canvas in rearranged fantasy and communications from an ever growing library of portraits, archetypes, and environments. I am grateful for meaningful exploration of reality through art, and having been at for...
Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States