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Said "Hi DeBorah, thank you for stopping by my page and leaving me Kudos. It's been some time since I last visited, but occasionally I return to see what my associate artists are up to. I enjoy this site and like what it has to offer the Artist and Arts Advocate. We are currently looking for quality artists like yourself to help build our listing of Barter Artist network and community, and hopefully, before you toss us aside you will spend a bit of your time looking us over. Barter Artists is not about replacing money, however it is about getting what you need and want without the exchange of money as a benefit. What we do also, is offer yet another avenue to help you get the word out about what you do as Artist. Its FREE! No gimmicks! We look forward to connecting with you via Best of success to you and your endeavors." to DeBorah Fields
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Katie Flowers - Gave 1 kudo
Said "Hope all is well and you are getting a lot accomplished. I hope you will keep us informed or your latest work. Take care." to DeBorah Fields
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Hello DeBorah. I hope you don't mind me calling you by your first name. Please, if ever you leave your written voice on my page address me as Katie. Just wanted to say thank you for stopping by. You have encouraged me already. Hope you well in your endeavors. God bless!
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About Me:

DeBorah's work abilities covers offbeat FOB piece or 3,000 word narrative feature, her work is consistently accurate and delivered by deadline. A published Author.

Her stories have appeared in Godly Lifestyles Magazine and other publications, and content writing for blogs.

A dependable, accomplished and versatile writer, She's covered a wide array of topics that include the controversial issues surrounding church and state. Her work often focuses on stories that explore the economy and the environment, as well as news reports. She has the ability to transform an idea for a story into a finished piece that is well-researched, well-written, that can hold the reader attention to the finish of every article.

DeBorah began her writing career in 1999 as the owner and...
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