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Said "I'm waiting for 3 song demos to be finished in Nashville by the end of June. Also for Oatmeal Studios' decision about how many of the 50 greeting card ideas the editor accepted they are going to buy. That decision will be made the first week of June. In addition, Dallas Songwriters Association should announce winners for last month's lyric contest, which I entered with a song titled, "Dallas". So, to tolerate the wait, I've been submitting songs for licensing deals offered by ASCAP's Broadja"
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This blog contains many lyrics, poems, acronyms, manuscripts for some coffee table books and a few articles I've written over the past 20 years.
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About Me:
I write national quality lyrics for all media.and venues. I write quickly and from any point of view. In 1985 I won a Wall Street Journal Ssongwriting contest for best city theme song for Wichita, KS with "You'll Feel Wichita". Te decision was unanimous. In the early 90's I teamed up with Melanie (you know, the Folk Princess of Pop from Woodstock?) and did over 30 songs with her : Rock in the Road, Life Will Not Go Away,Falleen Angel, Gone with the wind, to name a few. Wrote "High Time" for thhe film "Dreamers" Wrote a musical review called "Tomorrow'a Broadway" and have scores of samples of all styles of music. Just finishhed :Long Beach" for Long Beach, Just tell me what you want AND i'LL DELIVER.
Huntington Beach, California, United States