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Steven Davenport
Hey how is your day Team Leader? I am applying for this job to benefit your company with my skill and experience in artistic work. I am 10 years self-experienced
I am great at Art. I understand how important it is to have a great artist to work just the way you need, someone that listens to you and follows promptly what was asked, remembers all the duties every day, is careful with detail, great team work ethics, responsible, dependable, positive, self-controlled and also asks for help when ever unsure.
I am willing to be paid at 12 dollars an hour.
I worked at American fork school district office as a janitor for 6 months in 1999-2000 and I had no complaints from anyone. I left to go work at metal art’s foundry, to learn new skills. I worked for 6-8 years from...
Salt Lake City, Utah, United States