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Dara Scott - Added portfolio item
Here are some of my tv show music videos that I have created.
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Video Editing portfolio item
Dara Scott - Added portfolio item
Here are a few of the desktop wallpapers that I have made.
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Graphic Design
Photo Editing
About Me:
I am a senior in high school who excels in video editing and photo editing. I do plan on going into these fields as a career, and would really appreciate the prior working experience. As far as video editing, I usually just make music videos of tv shows and movies, which I upload onto youtube. However, I am very knowledgeable to all of the aspects of video editing. And with photo editing, let's just say, the sky is my limit. I can retouch, fix coloring, do manipulations, make desktop wallpapers, create posters, etc. Thank you, photoshop! I do hope that you give me a chance to help you with whatever needs to be done. I will not disappoint!
Arlington, Texas, United States