Curtis Braithwaite

Freelance Poster Designer & Video Producer


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Poster Design
Video Production
About Me:
CURTIS BRAITHWAITE * Cell: (973) 517-4046 * E-mail:

I am a "One Man Band" with my own camera, lighting, and editing equipment... I tell stories through video editing. Final Cut Pro is the tool I use to tell the story. I capture moments that drive the story forward and present them in a creative and artistic fashion. I use a Panasonic HVX200 to capture HD video. I see myself as a video producer who can provide both "form" and "substance."

Professional Profile
Editor/Videographer/Sound Designer (3 years)
Final Cut Pro 6 Certified (Level 1)

Computer & Technology Skills
Final Cut Pro Studio (DVD Studio Pro, Sound Track Pro, Motion, Compressor)
Sonic Fire (sound design tool)

Education and other Certification...
Brooklyn, New York, United States