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Courtney - Added portfolio item
This is just to show a little bit of what I am capable of with Excel.
Over 30 days ago -
Word Processing portfolio item
Courtney - Added portfolio item
This is a piece that I wrote last year. It is very true and very personal but I felt that it shows some of my creative writing.
Over 30 days ago -
Creative Writing portfolio item
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About Me:
I am a hard worker and willing to write on just about any subject. Even if it is something that I do not believe in or agree with, I will remain unbiased and objective on the material that I am given to write about.
I am also experienced in Microsoft Word and Excel programs. I have taken and am taking a class on the use of both programs and know them well.
I do not have a set hourly rate and am willing to negotiate when it comes to payment.
Rosamond, California, United States