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Cheyenna Quinones - Added portfolio item
This is an illustration from a children's book I am working on. This is actually not the final piece but just something I wanted to show up to give people an idea of my abilities.
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Children's Book Illustration portfolio item
Cheyenna Quinones - Added portfolio item
This is actually an older piece of digital art that I did in my free time.
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Children's Book Illustration
About Me:
I am a competent artist and have been an artist my entire life. I work in all mediums including but not limited to: digital, watercolor paints, oil paints, pastel, charcoal and traditional graphite. I make sure to always complete the task I am given and make sure it is exactly what my emplyer wants. Below are just a few of the things I have done in the past.

Web Design/screen Printing
I learned to do basic html web design and also used screen printing to create and sell t-shirts.

I was on a SIP (senior innovation project) where my job was to create characters, illustrations and animations for a small animated clip.

I was working with a small company called Jacobs Ladder doing animations and character design for flash games. I resigned so I could more...
California City, California, United States