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Francis Burns - Hired freelancer
Over 30 days ago -
Mark Anderson - Gave 1 kudo
Said "Hi I have completed ( except for one poem still to come ) a 60+ Poem Book. And I have had each poem illustrated by a great young artist in InDesign. Its a really nice project, and looking fantastic, and we plan 200 hard copy books. The poetry ( with some 4000 words also of prose ) has been edited by Jos Baker to high standard. The editing by Jos by Jos is by hand, that is on hard copy. What we require is the transmitting of the edit work to MS Word. Then a spell check and final check by yourself. Thereafter we plan to take the final Editted poems and prose will go to someone who has a programme which integrates InDesign and MS Word. And at this stage the book will no doubt be designed as well. I can send on the hard copy with Jos' edits on it by WeTransfer to you and you can have a look at it and perhaps quote. If we come to an agreement I will send on the poems in MSWord. Looking forward to hearing from you." to Charity RB Howard
Over 30 days ago -
Charity RB Howard - Over 30 days ago
Sounds wonderful! My email is
Mark Anderson - Over 30 days ago
The book was completed by Hilary Adams (design, calligraphy and edit) and Jake FOx(Art) and its just beautiful!
Mark Anderson - Over 30 days ago
I will drop you and email Charity on another project!
Charity RB Howard - Over 30 days ago
I'll check my email. Thanks!
Charity RB Howard - 29 days ago
I sent a reply to your email a week or so ago. Thanks.
Michelle Farino - Hired freelancer
Hired Charity RB Howard for the job Indiana Legal Blogger - Freelance Blog Writing Job
Over 30 days ago -
Charity RB Howard - Modified profile
Update the following profile details: Website Url and About Me
Over 30 days ago -
Charity RB Howard - Updated status
Said "I have also added writing consultant to my experience."
Over 30 days ago -
RittaLynn Kloss - Over 30 days ago
HI Charity, thanks for applying however I need someone closer.
Charity RB Howard - Over 30 days ago
I understand. Thanks for your reply and best wishes with your project.
Edward V'Kanty - Hired freelancer
Over 30 days ago -
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I am an Indiana State University graduate with Bachelor’s of Science degrees in journalism and English with a teaching emphasis. I also completed four semesters at Vincennes University pursing a journalism degree and continued my education at Ball State University, where I was a journalism major/creative writing minor with a teaching emphasis.
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FREELANCE EDITOR and JOURNALIST --- (Project to project since 2006)
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