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About Me:
Charelle Lindsey
2908 Dwelle dr #F
fayetteville N.C 28306
Objective: My objective is to bring my skills of typin,filing,faxing ,anwsering phones and handling money to your bissnaess i also bring the skill of workin with others. I consiter my self a very hard working able to do any task persented to me.
Job history: Job history: yellow cheacker taxi
started:04/2007 ended:06/2007
Job title: Dispacher Job resonsabilatys: anwser the phones and take the trips also to fax off vochers and file them.
School history: some of high school
New school for arts and sciences
long wood ave bronx N.Y 10474
Grade compeated:10th
Skills: i have skills in typing, anwsering phones ,hadling money and filing paper work i also have the skill to work with others on a day to...
Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States