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Michelle Payne - Gave 1 kudo
Said "Chante, it is a dog eat dog world here, you have some amazing talent, I love the photo!" to Chante Thomas-Hood
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Said "i read an article by you on the yahoo site a while have talent good luck to you" to Chante Thomas-Hood
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Chante Thomas-Hood - Updated status
Said "I am currently working on the publication of my first fiction book!! It has been quite the journey:)"
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Michelle Payne - Over 30 days ago
My passion is history, my other passion is fire fighting. It is something where history in our field has saved so many lives..I love fiction writing, have some ideas for a fictional based fire story, ya know, guy meets girl in wildland fire situation, hero rescues damsel...I think it will be a knock out!! I would love to read your fiction book...please do send me a copy when it is published!
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Writing has been a passion of mine from childhood into adulthood. I have spent several years developing my writing style and enjoy writing non fiction and fiction books. My experience includes creating children's short stories, online articles, online editing, and so much more! I am a member of several writing associations and use the knowledge and skill I have to write, edit, and critique. I am creative yet versatile and enjoy taking on new projects!
Crestview, Florida, United States