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Freelance Graphic Designer & Photo Editor


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Graphic Design
Photo Editing
About Me:
Chad Doty
515-710-8498 ~
5940 Cottage Dr. - Des Moines, IA 50311
Quali? cations
Chad Doty is a photographer and image editor with over 4 years of professional experience working
in the ? elds of photography and journalism. A self-motivated creative professional, Chad has per-
fected his image editing skills through years working at Gannett Company, Jolesch and freelance op-
portunities. A natural with Mac programs, Mr. Doty is con? dent working in Adobe Photoshop CS5,
InDesign CS5 and Illustrator CS5. He also is comfortable working with Quark Xpress, Microsoft
Of? ce and Acrobat.
Professional Work Experience:
Gannett Company 2008- 2011
- RCT/GPC Image Specialist 1
Worked as a client customer liason and image editor. My duties required...
Des Moines, Iowa, United States