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Captain Cutie and the Paper Fish...Yarg! Conceptual composition illustration depicting a whale ( Captain Cutie) and his first mate (Yarg!) on a journey through a quirky, fishy sea with their paper boat.... This 2012 Ink illustration was done using archival pen inks, acrylic inks and ink washes on 12x18 Canson watercolor paper.
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About Me:
As an outsider artist, my work combines unconventional ideas and vibrant colors for unique visual representations. In my body of illustrations I use a variety of media with a focus on ink and ranges to pencil, etc.

Each piece is composed with typically three elements in mind: natural elements (such as clouds, water, trees, etc.), fish or marine life and shapes or food elements.

Real life imagery influences my artistic concepts.

My compositions take a twist into the abstract with inspirations often coming from Asian culture and street art.

Illustrations are brought to life using two dimensional layering and careful attention to line detail.

Each piece I create brings a visual snapshot into my peculiar world, playfully dabbling in whimsy, using overlapping techniques to...
Denver, Colorado, United States