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These book covers represent some of the titles for which I have done editing, either for the entire volume or a portion. My publications document has a complete list of my writing and editing work.
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Said "Finishing up a copy editing job on a rainy humid day."
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Leon Bowman - Over 30 days ago
Good Eye Miss Ullmann, GOOD Eye. You had me scurring back to see if I had overlooked a new entry!....leon
Carol Ullmann - Over 30 days ago
Carol Ullmann - Added portfolio item
I have written more than 40 chapters for over 20 reference volumes. I have performed editorial services (including content management, copy editing, and proofreading) for over 70 books.
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Professional editor for 11 years and professional writer for 7 years in the field of educational reference.

Professional editor for eleven years. Managing content editor of Short Stories for Students, Literary Movements for Students, and Poetry Criticism at Thomson Gale. Volunteer newsletter editor for non-profit BroadUniverse. Experienced in content selection, keyer markup, copyediting, proofreading, frontmatter, backmatter, parsing code, and creating indices. Proficient with current editions of The Chicago Manual of Style and MLA.

Professional writer for seven years with experience in literature, biography, and social studies topics for reference books. Author of 44 chapters in seven different series; author of 22 critical essays. Winner of a 2000...
Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States