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Carsten hunter - Over 30 days ago
Hi Carol, I am a Great Ape in need of a ghost writer. My project is interesting and worth a look at. I live in Victoria and my contact is
Carsten hunter - Over 30 days ago
Interesting, I just noticed your referral to reincarnation, you can also text me @ 250 818 7808
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Well? I am an entomologist with a special interest beekeeping and Great Apes. But I have a natural and strong inclination toward all-things entrepreneurial and business-related. I opened and operated the Victoria Bug Zoo from 1997 to 2014. Since selling that business I have been experimenting and dabbling in the world of finance and real estate and reincarnation. I have been managing my own construction projects; learning about carpentry, plumbing, LED lighting and designing beautiful and efficient living spaces. I have traveled a lot but wish to travel more. I love going to an eclectic mix of conferences. I love "Eco-adventures". And I love a good laugh!

I am available to help write anything for anyone. I know how to ask the right questions and distill information. I am a natural...
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada